Academic Half Days

Academic Half Day

The Academic Half Day was started in July 2008 in response to resident feedback to improve the didactics in our program. Rather than noon conferences given by busy residents on inpatient ward services with limited faculty input, the Half Day is designed to be a concentrated block of protected academic time that occurs each Thursday from 1-4pm at Banner University Medical Center, Tucson. The presenters are faculty members, offering didactic as well as interactive case-based sessions on topics within the medicine subspecialties as well as interdisciplinary topics important for the training of a well-rounded internal medicine resident. Residents are constantly challenged to apply this material not only in clinical duties, but also during the interactive case and question-based sessions following the lectures. Residents learn how to apply evidence-based medicine principles through the weekly resident-directed Journal Clubs included in the Half Day. In addition to the high quality delivery of didactics, an added bonus is the comeraderie that has become a natural byproduct of these afternoons. As a participant in the Academic Half Day, you will not only come away with thorough exposure to the subspecialties and a head-start toward board preparation, but you will also mingle with your colleagues on a weekly basis, encouraging better work relationships and friendships outside of the hospital. Below are links to many of the faculty lectures given thus far this academic year.  We have a rotating 18 month curriculum schedule.

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GRAND ROUNDS (at each hospital)

Department of Medicine (DOM) Grand Rounds at BUMC-T Schedule on Web
(Wednesdays 12:00 noon - 1:00 PM at AHSC 5403)
Video archives of BUMC-T DOM Grand Rounds
*Streamed at BUMC-S, VA, TMC and North Hills Clinic

VA Management Conference
(Wednesdays 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM - Patio Conference Room)