Program Overview

Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine housestaff training at The University of Arizona originated in 1972. We consider the training experience to be highly competitive and successful. Residents learn the fundamentals of inpatient medicine while caring for patients on the general medical wards and in state-of-the-art intensive care and cardiac care units. The experience is broadened by ample exposure to ambulatory medicine. We also have one of the highest board pass rates in Arizona.

Our program saw a major change in 2003-2004 with the merging of University of Arizona Internal Medicine Residency Program with the Tucson Hospital Medical Education Program to become the University of Arizona-Tucson Hospitals Internal Medicine Residency Program. This welcome merger carries the addition of an increased number of housestaff as well more variety in inpatient and outpatient experiences, as well as the addition of many dedicated faculty. Residents are now able to care for patients in a variety of settings: a University hospital, VA, and community hospital.

Goals and Facilities

Residents are expected to focus on three major goals which include education, clinical excellence and research. Research opportunities are plentiful and encouraged. Our intent is to provide the necessary background for the successful practice of medicine and to allow growth and interest in research at an early stage in training. To accomplish this, three major teaching facilities are utilized: Banner University Medical Center-Tucson, the Southern Arizona VA Healthcare System, and Tucson Medical Center. In addition, outpatient continuity clinic experiences are available at Banner University Medical Center-Tucson, Tucson Medical Center, and Southern Arizona VA Healthcare System.


Neither our program nor the College of Medicine sponsor observerships.  Physicians in our program are affiliated with specific divisions within the Department of Medicine.  Any observerships would need to be coordinated with the support of an individual Banner physician through the Banner Volunteer Office.